Monday, August 15, 2011

A start to a difficult task...

As the title may entail, I want to be the valedictorian. I am becoming and freshmen, and since I was young I was a "great student". Coming from a lower-middle class family, single mother, not to mention the not-so-great-school I'm going to be in, valedictorian will help my chances for college astronomically.

I know this task won't be easy, but no matter what, I want to do this. If it takes quitting my WoW account, I'll do it, if it takes being ostracized by my peers, I'll do it, if it takes long nights of hard work, I'll do it. I want this, and quite possibly need it. So, I come to this blog to tell the tale of a wannabe valedictorian, and hopefully I will make it there.

So this is how this year will go. Remember this school isn't the best, so my classes won't be that great.

Freshman year:

Semester 1: (this isn't the proper order of classes, but it will go something like this.)

AP US History
Algebra II
Introduction to Engineering
Ecological Systems/Biology I (this may vary whether I pass a test the first day to skip the Ecological Systems, I am studying for it now and will most likely pass, but I write it for the simple possibility.)

Semester II:

AP US History (double semester class, bummer.)
Physical Education
English 9 (no honors English classes in this school...)

School starts in a week, wish me luck.


  1. Good luck man, just don't get distracted and you will do fine.

  2. Yeah, I remember having a goal like that... Good luck. Just remember being the smartest kid in your class actually makes it harder... Try to turn your brain off during the busy work.

  3. ToEG I know what you mean, I used to try so hard on the dumbest of work. By the way, could you guys help me get some followers? I'll surely return the favor when I gain some followers of my own.

  4. Keep at it, don't let yourself get distracted by anything. Set your goals, and keep your motivation in your mind's eye always. You got this!!!! :)

  5. That's an awesome goal to work up to.

    Good luck, I know I didn't come close.